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If you have your home and auto insurance already in place, you’ve done the responsible thing. However, if the insurance isn’t enough, what should you do? Home and auto policies usually have little liability coverage to pay out when something happens that is your fault. It’s important to take a look at your policies every once in a while and notice whether they offer you enough coverage. Chances are, you could use more liability coverage, and that’s where Florida umbrella policies come in. If you want more liability protection, call InMore Group Inc. at our Miami, FL office to talk about your coverage.


What Is an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella insurance policy is one that extends your liability coverage both for your auto insurance and your home insurance. With one policy, it adds to both of those by adding more to your maximum coverage. Should an accident happen, your home and auto policies will quickly max out. But with an umbrella policy, you will have a much higher maximum payout after your primary insurance policy has already paid out to its max. And, these policies do all of that without costing as much as raising your liability coverage for your vehicle or home. This is badly needed because of the many litigious people out there and the steep cost of medical bills.

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If you have too little liability insurance, call us to get started with an umbrella policy of your own in Florida. The umbrella policy that you get may just give you the coverage you need to avert a financial disaster. Call us at InMore Group Inc. at our Miami, FL office to talk to an agent. We can go over your existing policies and let you know just where you need more coverage for liability.

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