Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance in Florida

Flood damage isn’t ordinarily covered by standard homeowners, renters, or commercial insurance. Be sure to consider acquiring separate flood insurance if your property faces any danger of flooding. Around one out of four Florida homes are located in areas with significant flood risks, according to Insurance Journal.



This type of coverage isn’t required by any state agency. Nevertheless, you may be expected to carry it when you buy a home or business with a mortgage. Even when it’s not required, a flood policy offers vital protection if water invades a building. It covers structures as well as most belongings.


Insurance can help you recover from the tremendous destruction caused by flooding. It may also help you qualify for government aid under certain circumstances. After you receive a federal disaster grant or loan in a flood-prone location, the government will only review further requests for assistance if you obtain coverage.


Hurricane season begins on June 1st and doesn’t end until December in Miami, FL. These storms have the greatest potential to inflict severe water damage in August, September, and October. However, significant flooding remains possible at any time of year. Very heavy or prolonged rainfall can trigger this disaster, sometimes in combination with another factor like a high tide.

  • Large waves
  • Heavy downpours
  • Overflowing rivers
  • Urban flooding
  • Dam failure

People often face a greater risk when they own buildings near rivers, streams, lakes, or the ocean. However, floods aren’t restricted to waterfront locales. Streets and low-lying areas may collect excess water in some situations. Either way, insured property owners can make claims when floodwaters find their way indoors.

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