Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance in Florida

Having a condo in Florida is the dream of many people. For those of us in Miami, FL, we’re living the dream. However, it’s important to make sure that the dream of living by the ocean doesn’t turn into a nightmare. With condo insurance from InMore Group Inc., you can protect that dream and keep your lifestyle even if something terrible happens.

Shared Spaces

Condos, unlike houses, have a number of different types of spaces that different people are responsible for maintaining and insuring. This includes a number of shared, common spaces that are not owned by the residents of the condos. The condo association is responsible for insuring common areas, and you are responsible only for very specific spaces within your condo.

Outside Vs. Inside the Condo

In general, it is the outdoor spaces of the condo that the condo association must insure, while you as a condo owner have to ensure the indoor spaces. This can be more complicated, depending on your purchasing contract. For some condos, the owner is responsible for plumbing pipes a certain distance past the condo. Your insurance agent can look through your paperwork and let you know exactly what you are responsible for insuring. Then, your agent can make sure that your condo policy covers all the areas that you have to insure. The policy will also cover all of your personal possessions inside the building and will usually include some degree of liability coverage.

Your Agent in Florida

If you have a new condo and need it to be insured, or if you want to switch to a different policy, call us at InMore Group Inc. in Miami, FL to make an appointment with an agent. We want you to be insured with all the coverage you need for your situation and your lifestyle.

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