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Commercial insurance is multifaceted. It involves different facets of a business including liability, auto insurance, and property. InMore Group, Inc. in Florida offers all these services, which is explained below.

Commercial Liability Insurance

This is one of the most common policies in small and large businesses. This policy protects your company if a customer initiates a claim or legal claim against your business. Commercial liability insurance is something that every business should secure as soon as the startup of the company; not only because it is a protection against lawsuits, but it is necessary for keeping the company running for a long time.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Does your business use vehicles? In the event of an accident, while operating your vehicle, your auto policy will not cover a claim if it is used for commercial purposes. In that case, you must have a commercial vehicle policy. Unfortunately, many do not know the difference and must cover the damages out of their own pocket. For this reason, commercial vehicle insurance is paramount, and if you use trailers or “trucks” in your business, these must also be insured.

Commercial Property Insurance

This commercial insurance policy protects the property in the event of theft, damage, or destruction from incidents that include, but are not limited to customers, traffic, theft, wind, fire, and lightning. Flood damage from a storm or hurricane is not usually included in this type of policy but can be added.

Business Owner Policy

Liability insurance only protects your business against cases of bodily injury or loss of property from third parties; while the policy for business owners covers your own losses. The Business Owners Policy (BOP) is designed to combine the two types of coverage into one policy at a reasonable price. The agents at InMore Group Inc. in Miami, FL can help you to do that.

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