Boat Insurance

Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Florida

Exploring the beautiful waters around Florida is an experience no one should turn down. Seeing the crystal-clear waters and the wonderful marine life up close is simply an unrivaled experience. After trying it out once, you’ll likely want to keep on revisiting the Florida waters over and over again.

Getting your own boat would enable you to have those experiences on-demand. But you cannot and should not stop there. Purchasing a boat alone is risky and could leave you in a compromised position financially if something bad happens.

You need to complement your new purchase with boat insurance. Miami, FL residents looking for their plan can come to us at the InMore Group Inc. for assistance.

Is Boat Insurance Required in Florida?

Right off the bat, you should know that boat insurance is not a required purchase in the state of Florida, at least in most cases. There may still be times when you’re required to secure a policy if you have a lien against your new watercraft.

For the most part though, you don’t have to make that additional purchase if you don’t want to.

All that said, purchasing insurance for your boat is still highly recommended. The kind of protection it provides is something you will be thankful to have.


How Boat Insurance Protects Your Investment

You’re needlessly taking on a huge risk by leaving your boat uninsured.

Florida is known for big storms and your boat could end up severely damaged if one passes by your area. You may not always have enough time to get your boat to safety while preparing for a hurricane so it would be best to keep it protected at all times with insurance.

Since you’ll probably be using your boat a lot, insurance can also shield you from potentially exorbitant payments if an accident occurs. Feel free to use your watercraft as much as you like because you know you have adequate coverage.

When it comes to getting the most out of your new boat and guaranteeing that it is well guarded, you just cannot look past the value offered by insurance.

Don’t risk your investment by heading out to sea without boat insurance. If you’re a Miami, FL resident, give us at the InMore Group Inc. a call so we can get started on securing your plan.

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